„Forever young“, this is how our current society would like to see old age. The ability, to accept disadvantages of old age, will not increase if we ignore or repress them. This is meant for young and old equally. The ethicist H. Rüegger once demanded, „ […] to give aging more dignity, to take it seriously and to sustain seniors desires for autonomy“.
Omnipresent forms of discrimination, like „ageism“, where aging is deemed to be disturbing. Uneronomic technologies, which make a lot of products unuseable once the coordination starts degenerating. This creates an unwanted dependency and paternalism. It seems to be difficult to integrate all these forms of discrimination into a world with a constant growth of efficiency and perfection. A product arises from the seeds that one sows. Today´s youth is the product of the education of the older generation an their social shaping. H. Rüegger calls for a „society with more tenderness.“